5 Tips to Cleaner/Softer Skin

I have always struggled with acne and I have tried many different tricks to get the skin that I love. Sadly, I am still fighting with it but I have been seeing results with the following tips that I want to share with all of you ladies who share the same problem.

Some people are born with natural clean skin and are so lucky that nothing really scars much on their skin. Whereas, some of us cannot get a break. Well, follow those tips to ameliorate your situation – like it did for me.

1. Daily Skin Care Routine:

You should allow time to care for your face/skin every day. Wash your face regularly, preferably using a cleansing brush. You’ll find that your skin gets softer, clearer and you will definitely feel cleaner using a brush to wash your face. Moisturize and moisturize – this is very important, as you want to keep your glow and have a radiant look. Sometimes, just a little moisturizer can get you through the day without much makeup.

2. Choose the right makeup:

No makeup is the same, look for the right makeup for your skin type. Take the time to read and try different makeup to get the best option for your skin. Always remember to put primer before any foundation or concealer. That way you add an extra layer between your skin and the foundation. Throughout the day, avoid putting makeup on top of your makeup. There is a quick makeup refresh and there is just redoing your makeup – you always want to go with a quick refresh which is a little finishing powder or something very light, just to refresh the same makeup you had on in the morning. Should the need arise to get a whole new makeup, always remove the first one. Also, never sleep with makeup on your face.

3. Clean your makeup brushes:

Clean your makeup brushes regularly. Change your makeup sponges when necessary. Click here to learn how to clean your brushes.

4. Constantly Touching your face:

Some of us have some weird habits. On of those maybe to constantly touch your face throughout the day. If you find your self in this category, well stop doing that. Leave your face to be, stop putting your hands your face unnecessarily. Apply your makeup with brushes and sponges as necessary.

5. Healthy Lifestyle:

Believe or not, how we live affect our skin. Drink plenty of water, exercise,

eat healthy and just make healthier choices. You will see results in your body and your skin.

Well, I hope you find results with these tips as I did. Share your experiences and any other tips.



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