Fight Procrastination Day

As the title suggests, today is Fight Procrastination Day.

We have all been through it one way or another; I may be the queen of procrastination. I probably would have invented it, had it not existed. Nevertheless, I procrastinate for the most part, mainly because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and want to fully master my craft before execution. Now, I know some of you may argue that this is not procrastination, but IT IS. Some people procrastinate for other reasons, i.e., some people are just lazy, for some others, it may be depression, whereas for others, it may simply be that they are the types to wait last minute. They just love the adrenaline rush in having little to no time to do things that are necessary.

If you are reading this and identify as a procrastinator, for whichever reason it may be, here are a few tips I have used to help me fight my procrastinating days:

  • Create a to-do list and scratch things off as you complete them.
  • Set reminders / filter your reminders in such ways where your due date is ahead of the actual due date.
  • Always remember why you must do the things on your list (that has helped me tremendously).
  • Learn to say NO sometimes – A lot of times, we procrastinate simply because we don’t necessarily want to do the things we committed to.
  • Reward yourself for every task completed – I know we are all grown ups, but that can be a mental push to get us going.
  • Do whatever that may work for you ultimately, but get things done. (Share your tips and tricks)

Reasons you should fight procrastination:

Studies have shown that procrastination may cause stress and anxiety (to be expected, as you wait the last minute, you bargain your stress and anxiety to get the job done), reduce your productivity and affect your performance.

So, let this quick reminder and today be your starting point in your journey to becoming more productive and end procrastination. Well, improve your procrastination problem; afterall, it is not an overnight process and it is way easier said than done.

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Florida based blogger, podcaster and radio personality, entrepreneur and realtor®, who likes sharing her different views and tips. Since she’s always enjoyed a wide variety of life experiences, this channel will include a little bit of everything: writings, images, work samples and more. Currently working on different projects that she is super excited about. Stay tuned to get in on the fun and join her as she tries to wiggle through life. - XOXO

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